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The authentic of this document shall be attached to the unique copy of the minutes of the voting as supplied in the succeeding part. Admission of challenged vote immaterial in felony proceedings. – The admission of the challenged vote beneath the 2 preceding sections shall not be conclusive upon any court as to the legality of the registration of the voter challenged or his vote in a felony action against such individual for unlawful registration or voting. Functioning of the board of election inspectors.

After due discover and hearing, the Commission shall decide the case within ten days from the filing thereof. During the pendency of the case, the board of canvassers shall droop the canvass till the Commission orders the continuation or resumption thereof and citing their reasons or grounds therefor. It shall be illegal for any person to delay, impede, impede or forestall via drive, violence, coercion, intimidation or by any means which vitiates consent, the transmittal of the election returns or to remove, abscond with, destroy, deface or mutilate or substitute the election returns or the envelope or the ballot field containing the election returns or to violate the right of the watchers.

Applicants who've utilized by way of the USTAR may now not apply through submission of worldwide credentials. The USTAR shall be thought-about for processing of software. An applicant will need to have accomplished thirteen years of fundamental schooling or are completing their 13thyear to be eligible to use at UST.

Exhort all registered voters of their respective areas to go to their polling locations and solid their votes. The Commission may relieve any officer or employee referred to within the previous paragraph from the performance of his duties referring to electoral processes who violates the election law or fails to adjust to its directions, orders, selections or rulings, and appoint his substitute. Upon advice of the Commission, the corresponding correct authority shall droop or remove from office all or any of such officers or staff who might, after due course of, be found guilty of such violation or failure. – Candidates may appoint two watchers each, to serve alternately, in each polling place within the barangay, who shall be furnished with a signed copy of the results of the election, in such form because the Commission could prescribe, immediately after the completion of the canvass. Term of office.

Persons allowed in and across the polling place. – During the voting, no individual shall be allowed inside the polling place, except the members of the board of election inspectors, the watchers, the representatives of the Commission, the voters casting their votes, the voters ready for his or her flip to get inside the cubicles whose quantity shall not exceed twice the variety of cubicles and the voters waiting for his or her turn to cast their votes whose quantity shall not exceed twenty at anybody time. It shall likewise be unlawful for any barangay official to enter and keep inside any polling place except to vote or besides when serving as a watcher or member of the board of election inspectors, in which case, he shall go away the polling place immediately after voting. Preservation of voter’s affidavits. – A copy of the affidavit of every voter shall be saved by the board of election inspectors until after the election when it shall ship the same to the election registrar together with the copies of the record of voters and other election papers for use within the subsequent election.

Any person who maliciously omits, tampers or transfers to a different record the name of a registered voter from the official list of voters posted outdoors the polling place. Any one that asks, demands, takes, accepts or possesses, instantly or not directly, the voter’s affidavit of another, in order to induce the latter to withhold his vote, or to vote for or towards any candidate in an election or any issue in a plebiscite or referendum. It shall be presumed prima facie that the asking, demanding, taking, accepting, or possessing is with such intent if accomplished inside the interval beginning ten days earlier than election day and ending ten days after election day, until the voter’s affidavit of another and the latter are both members of the same family. Judicial counting of votes in election contest. – Where allegations in a protest or counter-protest so warrant, or whenever within the opinion of the court the interests of justice so require, it shall immediately order the book of voters, ballot bins and their keys, ballots and other documents used in the election be brought before it and that the ballots be examined and the votes recounted. Canvass of remaining or unquestioned returns to continue.

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Any one who, with out authority, retains, uses or carries out or causes to be stored, used or carried out, any official ballot or election returns or printed proof thereof, type-form mould, electro-type printing plates and any other plate, numbering machines and different printing paraphernalia being used in reference to the printing of official ballots or election returns. Any one who, without authority, prints or causes the printing of any ballot or election returns that appears as official ballots or election returns or who distributes or causes the same to be distributed to be used within the election, whether or not or not they are actually used. Any member of the board of election inspectors charged with the responsibility of tallying the votes within the tally board or sheet, election returns or other prescribed form who intentionally fails to report a vote therein or information erroneously the votes as read, or data a vote the place no such vote has been read by the chairman. Any member of the board of election inspectors charged with the duty of reading the ballot during the counting of votes who intentionally omits to read the vote duly written on the ballot, or misreads the vote actually written thereon or reads the name of a candidate the place no name is written on the ballot.

In the presence of all the members of the board of election inspectors, he shall affix his thumbmark on the corresponding space within the coupon, and ship the folded ballot to the chairman. The chairman and the two party members of the board of election inspectors shall retain of their possession their respective keys to the padlocks in the course of the voting. Temporary designation of

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members of the board of election inspectors by watchers. – If on the time the board of election inspectors must meet, all of the positions within the board of election inspectors are vacant, or if not one of the appointed members shall appear, the watchers current may designate voters of the polling place to behave in the place of said members till the absentees shall seem or the vacancies are filled. There shall also be, if possible, guard rails separating the table of the board of election inspectors from the voters waiting for his or her turn to cast their votes, with entrance and exit to give them orderly access to the desk and the booths during the voting.

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